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Our Dogs

SHR Prairie Hills Rainy Day Parade


Rain (SHR Prairie Hills Rainy Day Parade) is an extraordinary athlete.  She has amazing drive, while being polite and relaxed in the home.  She is a proven field dog - very birdy, loves water, and has that famous "golden nose." 

SHR Prairie Hills Red Desert Flower


Pepper is the fire breather of our pack.  She is truly built for speed.  She loves birds, and her explosive water entry will leave you grinning.  She is as lovable as her mother (Phoebe), and is the first to cuddle on the couch after a day in the field. 


SHR Prairie Hills Good Golly Miss Molly


Molly is a beautiful dog with nearly perfect conformation.  She has a wonderful disposition toward people and other dogs, and is very polite in the home.  If you are looking for a fantastic field dog, don't let her light colored coat fool you.  She is as fast, birdy, and watery as any of our dark golden dogs. 

HR Prairie Hills Red Ranger


Red is a 70 pound handsome, hard driving retriever.  He keeps us entertained with his playful spirit, which he inherited from his mom (Ember), but once he's in the duck blind he is all business.  

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